If you are asking yourself how you can support the fight for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the many other Black lives taken, here are answers to questions you may have been asking yourself in order to take action.

What are the charges against the four officers involved in George Floyd’s death?

What do the charges mean?

How many police officers have been convicted of murder in the U.S.?

What can be done to hold police officers accountable for abuse of power?

  • It starts by promoting accountability.  Police officers have a duty as public servants to work collaboratively, transparently, and fairly with all of the communities they serve. “Too often, police departments and officers violate their role in the community and abuse their power by engaging in acts of excessive force; acting in an increasingly militarized capacity; abusing asset forfeiture policies; and routinely stopping and frisking entire communities, among other practices…” Transforming the System provides four mechanisms for holding law enforcement accountable here:
  • To reduce the possibility of biased prosecution of police officers, Join Campaign Zero advocates the requirement of independent investigations of all cases where police kill or seriously injure civilians.  Learn more here:

What does a District Attorney do?

  • The district attorney (DA) decides who is deserving of a jail or prison sentence and who will instead be routed into a diversion program to help rebuild their life, or have charges dismissed.  District, county and state attorneys can decide whether or not to investigate and ultimately charge those involved in police misconduct.

Why is the Los Angeles District Attorney election so important?

How to get involved?

Police must be held accountable for their actions.  State and district attorneys must serve to seek justice.  We have the power as U.S citizens to elect these officials.

We are dedicated to supporting social justice. We are committed to learning more about police reform, who our local district attorney candidates are, and pledging to vote on November 3rd?  Will you pledge to vote for your local district attorney?


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