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Live ZOOM Team-Building Workshops:

“The final four questions of the workshop really stood out to me.  I can see how addressing these questions can maximize the effectiveness of any meeting.  Thank you for such a wonderful and impactful workshop!  Well done!” ~ Paul/ Senior Vice President

“ The quiz was fun. It was very interesting to hear everyone share their results; from those who had similar values to those with different values. I definitely learned new ways to communicate with my co-workers.” ~ Monica/ Customer Service Manager


Live Meditation Classes:

“Instead of asking or telling us to breathe, Grey makes you want to breathe by putting you in a situation where it's so liberating to do so.” ~ Alec

“The body scan meditation was AWESOME!  It felt like I went on a journey inside myself and was amazed how much my body has been through.  It gave me the opportunity to really appreciate myself and to be present.  It was a great reminder of all the amazing things I can do and everything that I am capable of doing.  I really appreciated this experience.  Thank you!”  ~Jairo

“I attend Grey’s lunchtime meditation classes for an opportunity to relax for 30 minutes during my busy work day.  I find it so calming how she can draw a picture in my mind so clearly and transport me to another location.” ~ Caroline 

“I teach a lot so it was nice to be in it and not be the one to guide.  She has a great style, tempo and pace.  I was able to surrender and for her to guide the ship.  She made it easier for me to get into a state that usually is challenging for me. I was able to surrender at moments, which was really nice.”  ~Joshua

“After taking Grey’s meditation class, I discovered there is a clear path into higher states of consciousness.  I enjoyed getting to know the beautiful gift Grey has to offer the community through her teaching.  For all you considering whether or not to take one of her classes, I’d tell them they are about to miss one of the best meditation classes of their life.”  ~ Alain

“I really enjoy the breathing exercises.  Grey’s techniques really help me relax and re-calibrate. The 4-second pattern breathing is not something I do actively, so I especially appreciate this technique as it reminds me to refocus on my breath.” ~ Patrick

“I find Grey’s body scan method very helpful in focusing on releasing tension in certain areas of my body.  I also really enjoy her guiding us to think of memories associated with our body, like where my legs have taken me and where my hands have been.  Makes me more aware of where my life has taken me.” ~ Kendall


1:1 Coaching:

“I took the Warrior Medicine journey at a point where I wanted to bring more clarity to many areas of my life.  My biggest challenges were stubbornness and prioritizing self-care.  The real shift was knowing I have all of the power to change - a calm breakthrough, real inner peace, an acceptance of self- accountability.  By having these tools to keep myself in check, the sky's the limit! “ ~Karen

“Grey created a space where I felt very safe to be vulnerable and truthful to myself.   I realized the importance of implementing a  higher level of self-care and placing more value on myself.  I deserve to be happy.  The Self-Mastery program gave me the strength within to make a major life change and I am in such a better place because of it.” ~ Kate

“I recommend Grey as a coach in threefold: 1 -  Grey is  someone you can trust and feel completely comfortable with. She holds a very safe space. 2 - Grey’s ability to listen and help pull out what you need to see and reflect about yourself.  She helps you discover what you may not have been able to see on your own.  What you were struggling with.  3 - She holds you self accountable to get results from it.   Grey is amazing at this threefold process.”  ~ Joshua

“I look to Grey as a validator, mentor and legitimizer. In our sessions, I talk to her about where I am at in life.  Grey fortifies my confidence.  She reminds me not to second guess my process and that the choices I am making are on the right path.”  ~ Eben


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