In our current moment of what feels like Chaos, searching for answers is pointless. Many people have expressed this feeling of just waiting for it to be over and things to return to how they were before. Can you relate? Do you believe it will go back to the way it was? What if there is no going backwards? Yet instead moving forward with new possibilities? 

The word ‘Chaos’ originates from ancient Greek. In the Theogony of Hesiod, first there was Chaos, then Gaea and Eros (Earth and Desire). Chaos referring to: the void state preceding the creation of the universe. It was about that which is possible, not about disorder. Chaos implied a multiplicity of possibilities.


There are 4 types of problems we encounter:

  1. Simple - cause and effect relationships exist, are predictable and are repeatable. 

  2. Complicated - cause and effect relationships exist but are not self evident, and therefore require expertise.

  3. Complex - cause and effect are only obvious in hindsight, with unpredictable emergent outcomes.

  4. Chaotic - no cause and effect relationships can be determined.


1. As a leader, or parent, the first step is to get your house in order. In our current situation that can be represented by many things:

  • Stocking up on food and home supplies.

  • Ordering masks, gloves, and essentials. 

  • Implementing new cleaning rituals for your home. 

  • Building a home gym.

  • Checking in on your close family and friends.

  • Switching to virtual for your business where possible. 

  • Adjusting to sharing your close quarters with others or alone for extended periods.

  • Budgeting/arranging your finances.  

2. Turn your chaos into complexity:

After your house is in order, begin to look for what is stable, and where things are unstable. What patterns begin to emerge? This may look like:

  • Poor and unregulated eating habits.

  • Noticing certain supplies need re-ordering more than others.

  • Lack of motivation and energy.

  • Irregular exercise habits.

  • Inconsistent sleeping patterns.

  • Binge watching TV and social media.

  • Mood and emotional waves. 

  • Relationship and communication challenges.

  • Scheduling and accountability shifts.

  • Uncertain of income and inability to pay certain bills.

3. Turn complexity into a complicated problem. Seek expert advice for the complex issues:

  • Use calorie/food/intermittent fasting apps to stay self accountable on food intake.

  • Research your favorite fitness locations featuring virtual online classes. 

  • Schedule coffee and lunch breaks on Zoom with friends and family for support.

  • Invest in great headphones. 

  • Consult with a financial advisor to understand which COVID-19 relief programs apply to you and your business.

  • Hire an executive coach to develop your work/life balance and create new habits, routines and goals for success.

  • Join an online Mastermind or regular meetup group. 

4. Create and adjust to the #NewNormal. Complicated becomes simple, and problems predictable:

  • Create a new weekly schedule, moving all live meetings to virtual. 

  • Find a new rhythm for sleep. And keep it consistent whenever possible.

  • Discover your favorite ways to exercise and move within the space you have available. Add this into your regular schedule. 

  • Develop new ways of creating community connection virtually. 

  • Execute your applicable plan for COVID-19 relief. 

  • Receive ongoing support from your coach and advisors to stay clear, productive, informed and accountable. 

  • Focus on innovation, creativity, and new business models.

Remember it’s OK to ask for and receive support. At Warrior Medicine we are available and ready to help you strategize and take action forward. Reach out at info@warriormedicine.co with questions, feedback or to book a session. 

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