Meditation is on trend; and we often hear ourselves or others state that they want to do it, or start a practice. Perhaps one of the main reasons we don’t begin is because we don’t really understand the value or real benefits. We see the difference when we put time in at the gym, but do we notice the difference when we take time to sit still? What is meditation really? Which type of meditation should you try and why?
My first meditation class at 19 years old awakened inside a new perspective of the world around me.  At the time it may have been the pretty colors, warm hugs, or peaceful sense of euphoria, that kept me coming back. Nowadays I meditate for something deeper. I find heightened awareness of my thoughts and actions. I find my creativity and playfulness. These deep dives tap into empathy and compassion and increased sensitivity to the feelings of others.

Practical meditation methods, like written processing or breath work, help to take conscious charge of your attention, thinking processes, and behavior in your waking normal state. This personal transformation involves making new choices, opening new perspectives, or doing something that may be scary, but still achieving it.

Centering techniques offer avenues through which the ‘Self’ can be encountered on a deeper level.

Transcendence methods, such as TM or Mantra based, activate principles of higher consciousness offering paths to enlightenment, empowerment, and transformation of your spiritual essence.

Whether you seek relaxation and better sleep, or spiritual awakenings, there is a meditation out there for you. These tools are available to you when you are ready to receive them. Check out a beginning centering Vipassana method at https://youtu.be/j4hgxCDADMI


1. Short and sweet. If you try to meditate for 30 minutes right from the start, it is almost guaranteed that you will get distracted and discouraged. Try starting with 5 minutes, and only increasing that time when you’re comfortable. Even with five minutes, you will still receive the benefits from meditation.

2. There is no wrong way. Whether you were more distracted than normal or certain negative thoughts arose, this is all a normal part of the process. Regardless of what’s going on, and whether you think you’re doing well or not, you are. 

3. Create a sacred space anywhere. A meditation cushion makes it easy to sit in an upright position, which improves your alertness and the quality of your experience.
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