The challenge in making rational decisions is not lack of knowledge, but rather our behavior deficits.

Here are 3 reasons why our behavior is predictably irrational:

  1. Our decisions are based on emotion. They are sensitive to framing and social context.
  2. FOMO: We fear the sense of missing out.
  3. We fundamentally care what others think of us.

TIP to harness your irrationality:

The most powerful influencers of health behavior are our social interactions. To change your behavior, make your activities witnessable to others. We behave differently when we're being observed than when we're not.  Understanding and working with our irrational parts instead of against them helps in making better choices.


Behavioral economist and health policy expert, David Asch, explains in this TED talk why our behavior is often irrational in highly predictable ways and shows how we can harness this irrationality to make better decisions and improve our overall health.


In this podcastTim Ferris interviews Adam Grant. He is an expert in how we can find motivation and meaning, and lead more generous and creative lives.  

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