What Are Personal Values? With List of 88 Core Value Examples


Defining your values deepens your appreciation for what's important to you and adds to a feeling of purpose and meaning in life. It helps you to be more compassionate in communication with others who may have different values than you do. This understanding creates a feeling of inner peace and acceptance.

What are personal values? Values are guiding principles that dictate behavior and your response to situations. They are the essence of 'who' you are and 'why' we make choices. Your personal values are the key to your strengths, motivations and priorities. 

For example, if you value honesty, you believe it is important to be honest and truthful wherever possible. If you withheld information or told a lie, you probably would feel disappointed in yourself. 

Values matter because when you're living by your values, you feel confident in yourself and are more focused on doing what is most important to you. 

Each person is different, and what makes you feel excited and motivated may make someone else anxious or uninterested.

To help you define what's important to you, here's a list of 88 personal values:

  1. Communication
  2. Connection
  3. Alliance
  4. Genuineness
  5. Rightfulness
  6. Truth
  7. Sincerity
  8. Meaning
  9. Purpose
  10. Essence
  11. Intention
  12. Awareness
  13. Appreciation
  14. Mindfulness
  15. Collaboration
  16. Synergy
  17. Partnership
  18. Balance
  19. Unity
  20. Union
  21. Integrity
  22. Kindness
  23. Independence
  24. Unconstrained
  25. Adaptability
  26. Resilience
  27. Versatility
  28. Enthusiasm
  29. Movement
  30. Dynamism
  31. Inspiration
  32. Motivation
  33. Determined
  34. Drive
  35. Ambition
  36. Positivity
  37. Passion
  38. Readiness
  39. Success
  40. Leading
  41. Dominating
  42. Winning
  43. Exuberance
  44. Vision
  45. Intellect
  46. Wisdom
  47. Wit
  48. Cleverness
  49. Ability
  50. Proficiency
  51. Reason
  52. Comprehension
  53. Rationale
  54. Argument
  55. Explanation
  56. Clarification
  57. Insight
  58. Perception
  59. Investigation
  60. Analysis
  61. Inquiry
  62. Skillfulness
  63. Craft
  64. Technique
  65. Precision
  66. Substance
  67. Reliability
  68. Accountability
  69. Consistency
  70. Framework
  71. Infrastructure
  72. Configuration
  73. Planning
  74. Design
  75. Organization
  76. Arrangement
  77. Alignment
  78. Sequence
  79. Direction
  80. Coordination
  81. Procedures
  82. Methodology
  83. Tactics
  84. Strategy
  85. Style
  86. Approach
  87. Certainty
  88. Routine

It's common for our lives to drift from our values for any number of reasons. We are constantly surrounded by influences from others' values at work, with friends, through media, politics, society and family. To experience a dramatic difference in your life, start living more consciously in-line with your core values. 

Here’s how to get your life and values in alignment:

  1. What are your Top 10 values from the cores values list? Write them down on a piece of paper.
  2. Once you’ve picked your top favorites, it's important to prioritize your values. Prioritizing helps you to focus time on the most important things that will be the most rewarding in your life. Number your top 10 in order of importance to you.
  3. For each of your chosen 10 core values, make a quick list of what you could do to put those values into practice. For example, if you wrote “winning” you could write “sign up for a competition or race”. You should end up with a long list of possible actions for each value. 
  4. Next step, turn your ‘actions’ into goals for the next week, month, and year.
  5. Follow through on your dreams! Notice the natural drive you have to do what you value most in life. 

We hope you have more clarity about what your personal values are, why they're important, and how your life can be more fulfilling by living in alignment with them.


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